801 House

New Hope For Old Building

On 13 June 2017, 20 members of the Green Beret Project, in partnership with Victory Church, started work on the 801 House. The all-volunteer group worked to prepare the structure for occupancy, after being vacant for over a year. They assisted by cleaning, disposing of trash, and items that had been ruined due to non-use.

Sergeant Major Mark Eubanks, U.S. Army, Retired, provides the members of the Green Beret Project with task, condition, and standard.

The kids were a tremendous help in “reviving” a building that had been sitting dormant for over a year. Their contribution will assist in providing transitional housing to some of Dover’s homeless community.

801 House 

By donating their time to a worthy cause, the members of the Green Beret Project have helped facilitate the opening of a safe haven for people in need in the Dover area.