Green Beret Project T-shirt Fundraiser

Did you know Wilmington, DE is the most dangerous place in America for youth?

You can support the Green Beret Project and help build awareness of our mission to empower Wilmington youth by buying a Green Beret Project T-shirt
and by sharing this link with your friends and family!

The Green Beret Project T-shirt Fundraiser started as a way of supporting at-risk youth in the program. The proceeds of t-shirt sales will go directly to supporting youth through activities such as: the youth leadership program, educational programming, Crossfit, college application fees, food, transportation for volunteer activities, computers, and more. Your generous support is critical in ensuring that the program can continue to support and empower youth in the program; many of which are faced with tremendous challenges such as poverty, violence in their community, and under resourced schools. With this additional support, these young people are provided opportunities for leadership development along with giving back in their community.

The Green Beret Project (GBP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded and operated by military veterans and civilians, which is focused on supporting the growth and development of youth living in underserved communities. GBP utilizes the core principles of the US Army Green Berets to win the hearts and minds of youth and their communities, and support youth in striving for their full potential. Along with individual development, GBP empowers young people to become leaders in their community, and battle the cycles of poverty and violence that are experienced by many in their disenfranchised neighborhoods.

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