Fort A.B.L.E

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

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Left: During Fort A.B.L.E.’s grand opening,
members of the Green Beret Project pose with an American flag that once flew over the most influential special forces base in Iraq.

At Fort A.B.L.E. it’s all about Accessing a Better Life Experience, but that experience isn’t exclusive to Green Beret Project members alone; nor does it stop at their front door. Instead, the Green Beret Project pushes to unite communities through the selfless actions of its members, as well as with their many partnerships. Whether it be shoveling walkways to provide safety and convenience for others in their community; or salvaging entire homes in order to repurpose its materials for the needy - the actions of the Green Beret Project show that a job well done, is better than a job well said.

Fort ABLE - Green Beret Project
Fort ABLE - Green Beret Project
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