Through the application of a force multiplication model, a collaborative framework, and evidence based change strategies; the Green Beret Project is empowering kids, cops, and communities to win the fight on the front lines of our inner cities.

The Green Beret Project in Three Minutes

Please watch this inspiring video on how the Green Beret Project is changing the lives of children growing up in areas of concentrated poverty.

Who We Are

The Green Beret Project offers at-risk youth dynamic programming after school and on weekends. During these sessions, adult cadre build rapport and trust, while identifying the future young leaders for the program. There is informal and formal mentorship for youth, to include instruction addressing areas of need. As Green Beret Project youth show they are dependable through service projects, regular attendance, and responsible behavior, then they are asked to become leaders in the organization.

Our adult cadre monitor youth’s grades, behavior and home life to assist and support parents/guardians in keeping kids in school and on-track to graduate. As Green Beret Project youth mature, they begin to be given opportunities to explore their future to include vocational training or college prep. The Green Beret Project’s network of partners offers the potential for part-time jobs and/or apprenticeships.

Operating primarily on volunteers and limited funding, the Green Beret Project has been able to achieve disproportionate effects with minimal resources. As we expand services beyond Delaware into locations such as St. Louis and Kansas City, more than ever we are in need of assistance to continue the fight.


We Need You

We need YOUR help. We hope that you've heard about what we are doing, and have been convinced that GBP is making a difference. Find out how you can partner with us to make a positive impact on the problems facing our society.